The law of attraction, the secret of manifestation, a strong belief in metaphysics, the art of manifesting your dreams – all these may sound kooky at first glance but in reality, are methodologies that have been followed for times immemorial. Ask the universe for something you earnestly want, and you shall receive it. However, bear in mind that patience and a deep-set belief in a positive outcome, are extremely important for the art of manifestation to result in what you wish. If you find all this too much to do on your own, there is professional help at hand to make the process quicker and significantly easier.

Kolkata-based Sahil Kothari does exactly that through his organisation – Sahil Kothari Training & Consultancy which offers skills and courses that enable people to achieve their biggest goals and dreams.

According to Kothari, over the seven years since it opened its doors, the institute has amassed a loyal follower base who seek its training and guidance to uplift themselves and rise above a negative state. He says, “We offer courses on face reading, Usui reiki, psychology, healing, and spirituality, KP astrology, numerology, palmistry, vastu and energy healing modalities such as Reiki, and Lama Fera among others. We are known for imparting genuine and authentic knowledge of these ancient sciences in a simple and lucid manner which everyone can connect with easily.”

Kothari’s institute offers a host of interesting courses helmed by expert mentors within a reasonable price range of Rs 1000-1500 where each course includes 15-18 live classes held on zoom lasting around an hour each. “Our USP is the fact that we collaborate with expert mentors known for their individual expertise in their domain – for instance, we have collaborated with Sidhharrth S Kumaar of NumroVani. Further, we offer a ‘Life Time Query Support’ along with each course which helps learners get shadow support even after their course is completed,” says Kothari.

He highlights that they have made an impact in the lives of over 50,000 people so far, and points out that individuals often take up this teaching as a profession to augment their regular sources of income. “Our practise has created numerous self-reliant individuals who are growing their own world,” he says with a smile.

Describing his courses as a sustainable life model, he shares that in addition to the skill sets imparted in each course, the basic essentials of thriving in one’s professional life are also taught. This includes Do’s and Don’ts and ways to groom oneself as a complete brand. Therefore, skill development in occult sciences is clubbed with life coaching to groom better versions of the student’s self.

Kothari is emphatic in his belief that occult sciences help people become better versions of themselves, who are then able to maximize their potential. As such, he compares the occult sciences to a torch in a dark room, which helps humankind see a direction in times of need.

The law of attraction is related to metaphysics which implies that humans are a source of energy, who hold the power to create good and bad events through thoughts and intentions. It is a belief that the universe creates and provides only that for you which your thoughts are focused on single-handedly.

Kothari’s and his partner Nihal Kumar Dokania’s vision is to support, empower and maximize the human capital of the world by assisting everyone who approaches them to see a better version of themselves in life. He does this by promoting his services on the law of attraction and manifestation.

The right usage of the law of attraction can make you attract wealth, professional success or anything else you may desire. For this to work, however, you must first identify the limiting beliefs about self-worth and money that you have internalized over time and accepted to be true.

Then employ positive affirmations to get rid of them.

The second is to visualize your success and wealth as if you have already achieved it. The third is to feel grateful and pretend that you are already living your dream life. By following these simple steps, you will witness life-transforming events take place in your life.

The writer pens lifestyle articles for various publications and her blog www.nooranandchawla.com. She can be reached on nooranand@gmail.com.

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