Thousands take to Perth streets to protest vaccine mandates

Perth joined capital cities and several regional towns across the country where protests were also held, in what organisers dubbed a “rally for freedom”.


Mining billionaire Clive Palmer, who attended the Brisbane rally, said he’d rather “go out of business” than listen to vaccine advice from Queensland’s premier – who he called “Palachook” – and said Prime Minister Scott Morrison was “bullshitting” people.

“Our rights don’t come from Daniel Andrews. Our rights don’t come from Mark McGowan, our rights don’t come from Palachook. And you know there’s no chook like a Palachook,” he told the crowd.

But Mr Morrison himself has played to those who oppose vaccine mandates, and this week said when double-vaccination rates reached 80 per cent, jurisdictions should start to “step back out of their [citizens’] lives”.

with Rachel Clun and Cameron Myles

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