MUMBAI: You can expect nothing less than brilliance when two progressive and innovating filmmakers come together. Yes, the wait to witness the magic of Shwetaabh Singh, who is on the stride of placing Indian Cinema on the global map and the powerhouse actor and celebrated casting director Abhishek Banerjee is finally over.

Shwetaabh and Abhishek have made it official that they are going to start their own production house, Freaks. But this isn’t where they started their journey together. Belonging to the same college and theatre society “The Players”. “With Freaks, Shwetaabh and I plan to make a cinema that is powerful yet relatable. Unique not just in terms of the idea but something that also stands out in treatment and execution. I am excited to collaborate with him because from college theatre to making cinema together is a journey where we have grown so much parallelly and together. Shwetaabh is an FTII graduate and his ideas shine through his work. Our vision aligns perfectly,” said Abhishek Banerjee. Freaks will give a platform to young talent from all corners of the nation. It will collaborate with new writers, filmmakers, camerapersons, among others.

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