Air Stagnation Advisory issued January 12 at 3:01AM MST until January 14 at 5:00PM MST by NWS Missoula MT

* WHAT…An extended period of stagnant air, with light winds
and little vertical mixing, is expected.

* WHERE…Shoup, Bannock Pass, Highway 28 Tendoy to Lone Pine,
Highway 93 Lost Trail Pass to Gibbonsville, Lemhi Pass, and

* WHEN…Until 5 PM MST Friday.

* IMPACTS…Periods of air stagnation can lead to the buildup of
pollutants near the surface.
People with respiratory illness should follow their physician’s
advice for dealing with high levels of air pollution during
periods of stagnant air.

According to state air quality agencies, prolonged periods of
stagnant air can hold pollutants close to the ground where people
live and breathe. Check with your local burn agency for any
current restrictions in your area.

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