Amanda Holden ‘storms off’ Heart FM after Ashley Roberts clash over pancake sabotage

Amanda Holden walked out of the Heart radio studio after her pal Ashley Roberts cheated during a Pancake Day competition.

The Britain’s Got Talent beauty went up against the Pussycat Doll in a pancake flipping competition.

But the gloves were clearly off as Ashley resorted to some cheeky tricks in order to win – and Amanda admitted she was “flippin’ furious”.

First, Amanda was given a pan with a broken handle that made flipping almost impossible – and then she realised her pancake had been superglued to it.

The TV star couldn’t believe she was being sabotaged.

“That is just cheating!” she yelled. “Look, this has got, someone has been in in the night and superglued my pancake!”

Amanda Holden
Amanda’s pan was broken as she went head to head with Ashley

Ashley pretended that she had nothing to do with it, acting innocent when Amanda asked if it was her.

Their colleague Jamie Theakston then announced that Ashley had trounced Amanda, flipping an impressive 18 pancakes when Amanda hadn’t managed a single one.

But Amanda didn’t take it lying down and started chucking eggs around and shouting about “sabotage” before walking off.

Amanda Holden
The star’s pancake was glued to her pan

Once the door had closed behind her, Jamie told Ashley she shouldn’t have glued the pancake down, but the star kept up her innocent act and teased: “What do you mean? I didn’t do that!”

“Flippin’ furious,” wrote Amanda, as she shared a video of the incident on Instagram, revealing to fans that she had finally accepted her defeat and could laugh at the incident.

Fans were tickled, writing in the comments section that it was “so funny”.

Amanda Holden and Ashley Roberts
Ashley insisted she was innocent as she shared the video on Instagram

“This made my day,” said one, while another called it a “brilliant prank”.

Another wrote: “Bless you Amanda. If that was me I would have walked off too.”

“Omg hahaha,” said another, while one posted: “Now that was funny, made me lol.”

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