Baby stolen 20 years ago and found on FB finally speaks out – Her decision leaves many in tears

The who was stolen from her mum 20 years ago by a strange woman said she loves both her mothers.

She said she understood the trauma her biological mother has been through.

“I know the pain and suffering my biological mother went through.

“I have a dilemma and I’m caught in the middle, but nothing will ever change the love I have for both mothers,” she said.

The girl said this while she was being welcomed by her biological mother’s family in Breyten, Mpumalanga on Saturday, 11 December.

She said for now she wanted to live with the family that raised her and will keep visiting her biological mother’s family.

“I know the truth about my biological family and where they live. I enjoyed spending the weekend with them. In the meantime, I will go back to the parents who raised me.

“I love both my mothers and I will always cherish them. I’m grateful I’m at college doing electrical engineering,” she said.

She said her wish was to work at a mine when she finishes her studies next year.

The biological mother (36) said she took her daughter to town on Saturday and bought her clothes while they bonded.

She said: “It was an experience of a lifetime to go to town side by side with my daughter talking and laughing. We spoke about girl stuff and how I appreciated that she now knows the truth. I’m not going to push her to choose between us as mothers.”

Her biological gogo (52) said the family was happy to spend time with her.

“It has been long years of the pain of searching for my granddaughter. We now give praise to God. I want to tell people that miracles do happen and the story of our long lost child is a testimony to that.”

The gogo said they spoke to the father who raised their daughter.

“He told us he didn’t know that he was raising a child that was not his. He apologised to us and we forgave him. As for his wife, we leave everything in the hands of the police and justice must take its course,” she said.

The girl was stolen by a strange woman in 2001 after her mum, who was 16 years old at the time, gave birth.

She was stolen on their way home from Ermelo Hospital to Breyten, Mpumalanga. The mum had experienced some pain and dizziness while the aunt had gone to a shop.

A woman they didn’t know offered to hold the baby, but she reportedly took the baby, promised to return, but never did. When the aunt returned, they searched for the baby, but couldn’t find her.

Provincial police commissioner Lieutenant-General Semakaleng Manamela said: “A case of child abduction was opened with the Ermelo police, but there was no sign of the baby. Then, on 29 November this year, there was a breakthrough.”

Constable Nomaswazi Maziya and Sergeant Simphiwe Nxumalo cracked the case a week after they got a tip-off from the mum.

Maziya said the mum came to the station on 8 November and said they had the address of the woman who allegedly stole her child.

The missing woman was identified as a relative by her brother on Facebook, thinking she looked like a relative.

Little did he know they were siblings.

Maziya said they went to the house and the woman said the baby belonged to her.

“She told us her mum had helped her during the birth, but she has since died.”

DNA tests were conducted and they showed she was not the real mother.

The woman (50) was bust and appeared in the Ermelo Magistrates Court on 30 November, where she was granted R1 000 bail.

The case was postponed to 18 January.

– Dailysun

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