BBC Breakfast’s Louise Minchin details ‘chilling’ stalking incident on ITV documentary

Journalist and TV star Louise Minchin has revealed that she and her daughter Mia were both victims of a “terrifying” stalking incident on her new ITV documentary.

The former BBC Breakfast star, 53, and her 20-year-old daughter explained that the ordeal began over Instagram with a barrage of messages from someone hiding behind a fake account.

The mother and daughter duo were left “terrified” and on a constant “state of high alert” because they didn’t know anything about the person sending the frightful messages.

For the first time, the pair opened up about being targeted by ex-solider Carl Davies on Louise Minchin: The Truth About Stalking.

Louise questioned whether she had changed her usual behaviour out of fear while constantly glancing over her shoulder, wondering if every person she passed could be her stalker.

Louise and her daughter Mia opened up about their frightening stalking ordeal
Louise and her daughter Mia opened up about their frightening stalking ordeal

Although, Louise and Mia had been targeted by a person hiding behind a fraudulent profile on social media, the police were able to hunt down their offender.

Opening up for first time about the ordeal, Mia said: “I’m logged into mum’s Instagram account and suddenly loads of messages started coming.

“They were all kind of just really offensive, calling us not very nice names and then they got much more graphic. It was the kind of actions that he wanted to do against me and mum which got really personal and they weren’t nice to read at all.

Louise and Mia had been left on constant state of "high alert"
Louise and Mia had been left on constant state of “high alert”

“I was kind of terrified… shaking. I think my heart was beating really fast. I didn’t sleep all night. The entirety of the next day I was in floods of tears.”

The I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here 2021 contestant told ITV’s Tonight that the experience had left her “terrified” and “shaken”.

She said: ‘It was very clear from the messages that this person knew exactly where we lived and had stood outside our front door. To say I was frightened just doesn’t really touch the surface.

Louise's stalker was given a two year prison sentence
Louise’s stalker was given a two year prison sentence

“You are kind of on this high state of alert all the time. You don’t know who they are so you don’t know that that person standing next to you isn’t them.”

The ex-news-anchor said: “Despite the fake names the police were able to trace the offender.

“Our stalker was convicted in December 2021 and now serves a two year prison sentence and an indefinite restraining order.”

Louise bravely told viewers at the end of the 30 minute episode: “Mia and I are still shaken by what happened to us but I hope our story helps victims understand that there is help out there.”

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