Best Smart View Flip Leather Case for Huawei Mate 40 Pro

Superior Material:

The phone case is created of superior PC+ spelled PU, matches the channel, clear and shiny with an easy hand look. Environmental PC as windowpane material proposes advanced definition view, starting time, date and receives calls, level headed and convenient.

Gentle Access to a lot of Information:

The authorized Huawei Flip case boasts an intuitively projected Smart View windowpane in the fore cover, granting you to promptly and quickly look at the time, date, weather condition, and your notifications without the requirement to open the upper cover.

Flip off and on:

To come alive or lock your phone, open up or close down the cover—lower power intake, more extended battery life.


It is explicitly planned for Huawei Mate 40 Pro, proposes a complete fit, and does not hinder the usage of any functions letting in the ability and volume push button, earphone and charging interfaces, or front and back cameras.

Allows all-around Protection:

Protect your Huawei Mate 40 Pro from dents, scratches with the authoritative flip cover. The most significant part of the cell phone, the display screen, is secure from damage as well.

Cushy PU leather, full-coverage Protective Cover:

Created with dainty cushy PU leather, this full-coverage case protects in effect against dents and drops.

Information at a Glint:

The double-coated smart viewing windowpane of the flip cover creates important data visible at a glint. You will be able to answer calls even without opening up the cover.

Power-saving smart Flip Cover:

Open up the cover to wake up your phone, and close it down to place your phone back to rest. Preserving battery power has ne’er been more comfortable.

Features and Specifications:

  1. Fresh Sleep Design: Close down the front cover to go into the sleep state. Open up the front cover to automatically come alive.
  2. No Need To Flip Out: No need to flip over the cover. The lateral intelligent windowpane cans aspect the call data. Can respond directly on the windowpane
  3. Superiority Leather: picked out high-quality actual leather, fragile touch, cleverness production. It is practical, although retaining detailed texture.
  4. Does not bear on Wireless Charging: genuine machine examination, charging with sleeve, wireless charging is not involved.
  5. Fresh side Windowpane: At a glint: as the phone catches some Z’s through the windowpane—data at a glint, one-handed performance.
  6. Shoal and Comfortable Soft Feel: One-piece pattern, high-quality first-level cowhide, soft texture achieving fingertips.
  7. Impact Full protective Covering: Drop resistivity additional cushioning points to all 4 nooks assure you’re derived against all drop and bulges.
  8. Camera Protective Covering: More advanced than lens 0.2mm pattern, efficaciously protect the camera from dent or additional damages.

Order your Smart View Flip Leather Case For Huawei Mate 40 Pro:

If you are searching for your cell phone to look fashionable while on the cover, you can surely buy this flip leather case for your Huawei mate 40pro as it has beautiful features and excellent specifications. You can surely buy one now to protect your phone from any damage or dents in the future.

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