CBB’s Chantelle Houghton caught topless by police in park as her mum took Page 3 snaps

Chantelle Houghton has shared an embarrassing story from her glamour modelling days, where she was busted by police for taking nude shots in a public place.

The Celebrity Big Brother winner shot to fame in 2006 when she was the only non-celeb on the series and has now shared a hilarious tale with the Daily Star.

The reality star told Daily Star all about how she tried to enter the glamour modelling world when she was young during an exclusive Facebook Live tell-all.

Chantelle, 38, explained: “Me and my mum were only talking about this a couple of weeks ago, I wanted to do a competition, it was a Page 3 girl competition.

Chantelle looked back on her glamour modelling days

“And I look back now and the only reason I wanted to do that was because I had a really controlling ex and he was really nasty to me and he made me feel inferior to all of these girls and it was like kind of an ‘I’ll show you’ thing.”

She continued: “You had to send these pictures into the paper, and I asked my mum to drive me to the woods not far from my house.

“We had this throwaway camera and my mum is clicking away. Then all of a sudden a police car drives into the park and my mum looked at me and I looked at her.

Chantelle shot to fame in 2006 on CBB

“Then the police officer wound down his window and was like ‘can I ask you what is going on, please?’

“And I was literally dying and standing there with just the bottom half of my underwear on and my mum was like rambling on trying to get the words out and explain.”

When asked if she would consider going any racy shots these days, Chantelle stated that her “glamour modelling days are well and truly over”.

Chantelle said she wouldn’t do any racy shots now

She added: “No, I wouldn’t, not now. It was never my thing back then I just felt like I was getting pushed along that way. All credit due, there’s been some really iconic women who have done it, Sam Fox, Linda Lusardi.

“My glamour modelling days are well land truly over and I think a lot of people would be glad to hear that.”

Chantelle Houghton also opened up about her relationship with her CBB co-star and ex-husband Preston.

She shared all on a Facebook Live tell-all

Despite being split since 2007, she revealed that she still has “chemistry” with him.

She said: “Do you know what, I did a photoshoot with Preston a couple of years ago and I hadn’t seen him for 10 years and there was still that chemistry between us. There was still something there, and I think there always will be.

“But we’ve grown and gone our separate ways, and sadly there will be no reconciliation and no second wedding. But I still love him, I’ve got so much love for him and I always will have.”

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