Coronation Street fans brand Steve a ‘disgrace’ as he lies about money Curtis ‘stole’

Coronation Street fans were left fuming, even branding Steve McDonald a “disgrace”, after he lied to daughter Emma Booker about the charity money.

Emma (Alexandra Mardell) believed that Curtis Delamere had stolen the money and was planning to do a runner – however viewers and Steve know the truth.

Their wedding was even called off, when it was interrupted by police ready to take Curtis in.

In Wednesday’s episode, Curtis (Sam Retford) returned to the flat and bumped into Emma, who did not want to see him at all after their wedding never went ahead.

She told him where to go and made it clear she never wanted to see him again – even though he hadn’t done anything wrong.

Curtis told Emma again that he hadn't stolen the money
Curtis told Emma again that he hadn’t stolen the money

It wasn’t long until Emma headed onto the street and saw dad Steve (Simon Gregson) doing a photoshoot with a £100,000 cheque, with the charity photographer confirming with her that the money had gone into their account.

Fans were fuming with Steve, with one saying: “Steve’s a disgrace, calls himself a parent, letting Emma still believe Curtis stole 100k when you know different.”

Emma looked fuming with her dad when she learned the money hadn't been stolen
Emma looked fuming with her dad when she learned the money hadn’t been stolen

A second wrote: “Come on Steve tell Emma the money is in the bank.”

Someone else tweeted: “Steve’s gonna have some explaining to do. How’s he going to get out of this one?”

A fourth said: “This is making me far too angry. Steve better get his just desserts later.”

A fifth wrote: “This serves Steve right, lying coward! He could have easily avoided it.”

Emma told Curtis she didn't want to see him again
Emma told Curtis she didn’t want to see him again

While someone else added: “Oh Steve. You utter plank!”

Viewers watched earlier this week as Curtis was taken in for questioning, and as he maintained that he hadn’t stolen the money.

He spoke to Emma too, saying that plane tickets he’d bought were for their honeymoon.

Emma didn’t believe him though.

Soon, Steve got a phone call from the bank, who explained that the money did go into the account, there was just a technical issue that had delayed it.

Emma went to see her dad, saying she’d finished it with Curtis.

But Steve said nothing despite his daughter being heartbroken – and now he has a lot of explaining to do.

Will Emma get back with Curtis?

Coronation Street airs Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays on ITV

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