Cummins would have played Test under SA’s Tuesday rule change

Nick Hockley, the CA chief executive, has outlined updated COVID-19 protocols for the Australian and English teams over the next two Test matches in Melbourne and Sydney, where higher rates of community transmission are in evidence than Brisbane or Adelaide.


“We’ve had different levels of protocols depending on the risk environment, even before the Pat situation Melbourne and Sydney were higher on the risk level than Brisbane and Adelaide and that was due to the number of cases in the community,” Hockley told SEN.

“So we’ll be going up from our protocol level three to level four. Really, the main difference is that we ask players to avoid big crowded indoor public settings. They can still go out, still go to the beach, still go to the park.

“They can still go out for dinner, but we ask them to dine outside and in small groups so if there is another hotspot, the whole group is not caught up. So we’re trying to strike that balance between making sure everyone has a great quality of life but also we’re able to keep the series going.”

Australia’s players have been permitted two days at home after Adelaide, reconvening in Melbourne on Thursday ahead of Christmas and Boxing Day. They are also expected to be granted similar time off between the Sydney and Hobart Tests in January.

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