Even warmer with another day of sunshine ahead

TODAY: We should see mostly sunny to partly cloudy skies across our region today with no chances for any rain or snow. Winds will be slight breezes throughout the day between 5-15 mph. High temperatures will increase into the 50’s and 60’s in the afternoon.

TOMORROW: We will expect to see more blue skies tomorrow with mostly sunny skies. We might see a stray snow shower around the Continental Divide and Yellowstone, but besides that, everywhere across the region should be clear of precipitation. Winds will be mostly calm. High temperatures reach into the 60’s and 70’s.

LONG TERM: One of the most perfect weather weekends is upcoming. High temperatures are expected in the 70’s, winds will be slight breezes, and mostly sunny to partly cloudy skies are expected for both Saturday and Sunday. Monday will bring us our next major chance for rain that will also carry into Tuesday. Winds will expect to be very gusty up to 30 mph on those days. High temperatures will drop back to the average 40’s and 50’s for next week.

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