Faith Nketsi speaks on claims she is cheating on her boyfriend who bought her a Range Rover

Faith Nketsi has taken it upon herself to address and slam the rumours of her cheating on her boyfriend Nzuzo Njilo.

Faith found herself trending on Twitter for allegedly cheating on her boyfriend who bought her a Range Rover, at Sumo.

The reality television star and rapper took to her Instagram stories on Monday to slam rumours that she had indeed cheated on her partner.

“I am not one to address things because, I don’t like making something bigger than it already is but I’m not going to keep quiet on this one, because this is just so disrespectful to me and my partner.”

“People are saying that I cheated on my boyfriend at Sum, I didn’t. He was very much present, we left together, we were together the whole night. I was upset hence I posted what I posted which was very childish, but please don’t come here and lie. It’s just so rude,” she elaborated.

Faith furthermore stated that people should respect her relationship and that she signed up for this type of life but her partner didn’t.

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