Fans react to Katlego Maboe’s return to the Expresso Morning Show

It’s been an emotional journey for Katlego Maboe who made an epic come back following a cheating scandal two years ago.

The charismatic TV personality, Katlego Maboe has returned to our screens after surviving cancel culture. Opening up to co-host Graeme Richards on the Expresso Morning Show, he detailed some of his experiences during his darkest hour.

“The ‘new’ me is certainly not the ‘old’ me. But, there are certainly elements of the ‘old’ me that remain that I think have stood me in good stead, and throughout whatever it that happened over the past couple of years, I think one thing I could never want to even let go of is the desire I have to be a force of positivity in people’s lives and have them smile…” he said.

Katlego also expressed how he felt as he walked on set and was embraced by his co-hosts. “I feel genuine love and warmth when I walk into the studio and it feels reciprocated. No matter what was happening in my life around me, I was always able to walk through that door and know that there would be a surge of this welcoming feeling. I missed that.”

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It was quite an emotional morning for South Africans who took to Twitter to show Katlego love and support. These are just of the heart-warming reactions

Welcome back Kat!

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