Holly Willoughby reveals she dated a cowboy but never speaks to any of her exes

Holly Willoughby has revealed she once dated a cowboy – but she no longer speaks to any of her exes.

This Morning star Holly, 41, is smitten with her husband Dan Baldwin, and they share three beautiful children – Harry, Belle and Chester.

However, the mum-of-three has made a number of revelations about her dating life before she met Dan – as well as racy admissions about her sex life with her husband.

Holly recently admitted she doesn’t speak to any of her exes during a chat with her This Morning co-star Alison Hammond.

holly willoughby
Holly admitted she doesn’t speak to any of her exes – joking she didn’t make enough of an impression

Talking on her Wylde Moon podcast, Holly said: “I don’t think I’ve spoken to a single one of my exes, ever”, jokingly adding: “I needed to leave more of a lasting impression – clearly I didn’t!”

In 2012, the glamorous Dancing on Ice host also told the tale about how she dated a cowboy, and it seems she wasn’t impressed with his gear as she thought about making a dash.

Holly revealed: “I’d met him on a plane when he was wearing normal clothes and looked gorgeous,”

She went on: “When we met later at a restaurant he was wearing all the gear. I thought about turning round and doing a runner, but I have good manners. I couldn’t go out with a cowboy because I don’t own any cowgirl outfits. At least he didn’t have the horse tied up outside.”

holly willoughby
Holly married Dan Baldwin in August 2007

Last week, Holly shocked fans when she told them about her ‘secret’ former career as an au pair in Switzerland.

Holly made the career confession during a recent episode of BBC’s Saturday Kitchen, saying: “I love Swiss food. I love a cheese fondue. I was an au pair in Switzerland for a season and when I was there, I just ate cheese.”

TV star Holly also worked a series of different jobs after doing kids television, from cleaning to pub work.

Holly said: “After doing kids’ television on CBBC [in her late teens], there was a period of three years in the middle of that when I wasn’t doing anything. I was working as a receptionist and in a pub. I was a cleaner and all sorts of things. All life has its ups and downs.”

holly willoughby
Holly said she loves to wear new shoes in the bedroom with Dan

Now, of course, Holly’s happily married to TV producer Dan after they tied the knot in August 2007.

Speaking about her relationship with Dan, Holly revealed she still ‘fancies the pants’ off of him.

She said: “We still fancy the pants off each other,” adding: “I always say to Dan we’re very lucky – we’ve got each other, family, a lovely home.

“He’s got his own production company, which is hugely successful… We’re very lucky, that’s for sure.”

holly willoughby
Holly shares her three children with Dan – Belle, Chester and Harry

Holly’s also admitted they keep things spicy in the bedroom

The TV star said: “I love wearing new shoes during sex – and not just because it’s kinky.

“I’m not a foot fetishist or anything, and I do enjoy saucy games with my hubby, but I have found the best way to break in new shoes is to wear them during sex.

“It’s become a sort of rule whenever I get a new pair of shoes. I always wear them in the bedroom – during the sex act – before I take them outside.”

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