How to find Local News 8 on YouTube TV’s Channel Guide

Some YouTube TV subscribers say they are having trouble custom channel guides are not repopulating with ABC/Disney/ESPN channels following the renewal of the ABC/Disney-YouTube TV Agreement.

YouTube has an explanation for the issue and instructions to restore local ABC station channels like KIFI Local News 8 to their program guides. Those instructions are available at YouTube TV Help (

YouTube TV shares the following instructions:

“We reached a deal with Disney on 12/19 to restore access to all Disney channels. If you are still not seeing channels like ESPN, FX or ABC in your Live guide, you may need to re-add these channels to your guide. On a computer or mobile device, go to your Live tab, then select Sort > Edit, and either select ‘Default’ to see all channels, or customize with the individual channels you would like to see on your guide. Once set, your guide will update on all devices.

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