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For many years the Republican occasion has claimed opposition to authorities overreach.

Ronald Reagan, the union buster, helped to destroy the center class by pushing for deregulation of trade and employees’ rights.

Deregulation of the banking trade led to the final housing bubble and financial collapse.

Republicans incessantly object to rules supposed to guard the atmosphere on which life relies upon.

They refuse to sufficiently regulate the main reason for demise amongst kids ages one to 19 on this nation, as reported by NPR for the 12 months 2020: weapons.

Yet conservative justices, legislators and governors throughout the nation search to manage essentially the most intimate features of a lady’s physique, well being, and household life by making it unlawful for her to abort a fetus not but developed sufficient to outlive exterior of her physique.

Where is the ethical consistency right here?

Living kids are dying by harmful weapons which proliferate with out enough regulation.

Meanwhile too many ladies and kids dwell in poverty with little help amongst conservatives to offer healthcare, childcare, and housing for these struggling in poverty.

There is at all times a person concerned in conception, however the man doesn’t carry and bear the kid.

He doesn’t danger his well being or livelihood to carry a baby into the world.

No one ought to have the ability to legislate towards the best of a lady to decide on to not have a baby.

It is especially offensive when the identical legislators refuse to guard these weak kids after delivery.

Marcia Limoges


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