Liberty Poole’s mum brands her a ‘drama queen’ as she claims she’s ‘going to pass out’

Dancing On Ice’sLiberty Poole has been branded a “drama queen” by her mother after a hilarious car trip where the star claimed she’s “being deprived.”

The former Love Island star took to social media to update her 1.5 million followers during her journey claiming, “she’s going to pass out.”

The 21-year-old was all glammed up wearing a full face of makeup as she travelled with her mum Jo.

Liberty hilariously told fans she was: “Dying of thirst here. I just asked to go to McDonalds for a coke or a coffee or something and she (Jo) says ‘there’s tap out the water.'”

Liberty Poole called 'drama queen' by her mum Jo
Liberty Poole called ‘drama queen’ by her mum Jo

Not realising her mistake the star asked: “How am I meant to get tap out the water while I’m in the car.”

Jo was quick to reply calling her daughter out on her funny word mix up.

Confused, Jo said: “Tap out the water?”

Liberty was quick to correct herself adding: “Water out the tap, that’s what I meant to say.”

Dancing On Ice's Liberty Poole claims she's 'going to pass out' during car trip
Dancing On Ice’s Liberty Poole claims she’s ‘going to pass out’ during car trip

The mother-daughter duo were heard giggling at the hilarious mix up as Liberty questioned: “How am I meant to do that”

The blonde beauty sported a black coat and a matching head warmer as she penned to her Instagram story that she is “being deprived by the mother.”

Liberty revealed she loves winding Jo up as she continued to record herself during the trip.

She claimed: “I’m going to pass out,” after she wasn’t allowed to stop for a drink.

Liberty Poole hilariously mixes up sentence during Instagram post
Liberty Poole hilariously mixes up sentence during Instagram post

However, Jo didn’t seem to believe her as she told the 21-year-old to “stop being a drama queen.”

Since leaving ITV dating programme Love Island, Liberty has lined up some great brand deals and a contract with the channel’s annual ice skating show.

The Dancing on Ice babe, has recently been training for her upcoming stint on the ITV ice rink with her skating partner, Joe Jackson.

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