Magnificent migration: Thousands of snow geese cross by means of WA every spring

SPOKANE — At first look, it seems to be like chaos.

Thousands of geese take flight inside seconds of one another, honking their hearts out and turning the sky right into a rippling wave of white and black feathers.

It seems to be like a horrible visitors jam ready to occur. But someway, by means of some invisible settlement, they coordinate. They elevate off in an orderly corkscrew, then fly just a few hundred yards east earlier than spiraling all the way down to the bottom once more.

Thousands of snow geese stopped at a cornfield Saturday and Sunday at Columbia National Wildlife Refuge south of Moses Lake. The birds cross by means of Washington twice yearly on their awe-inspiring migration to and from the Arctic.

Some snow geese spend their winters in Western Washington, however the birds passing by means of Columbia National Wildlife Refuge possible got here from as far south as Mexico. Every spring, tens of millions of the birds spend three months migrating practically 3,000 miles to their breeding grounds. Many wildlife lovers argue it’s probably the most spectacular fowl migration in North America.

100 years in the past, it was hardly a migration in any respect.

Around 1900, there have been an estimated 2,000 to three,000 snow geese left. Modern inhabitants estimates fluctuate, however a conservative depend places right this moment’s inhabitants at greater than 6 million.

Much of that inhabitants development has occurred over the last half century. There are just a few causes for the explosion, however the growth of agricultural lands is a number one issue. Agricultural land, usually stuffed with spilled grain and corn, makes for good habitat and foraging.

Snow geese have develop into so plentiful they’re degrading their very own breeding habitat within the Arctic tundra.

Governments have lowered looking restrictions in an effort to take away extra birds.

But even when there are too many snow geese, they’re a powerful sight to behold as they noisily cross by means of Washington each spring.

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