Mary Berry kids’ lives – fatal car crash to £1.5m pay day

Dame Mary Berry has been impressing fans with her culinary skills and impeccable knowledge of food since the 1960s.

Showcasing her incredible talent while educating the nation, the professional baker and food writer has continued to engage audiences throughout the years on popular TV shows such as Britain’s Best Home Cook and The Great British Bake Off.

Known for her calm, friendly persona, the star has become a national treasure- receiving several accolades and honours under her belt.

But although Mary is often known to grace television screens every so often, many are unaware of her children whom she shares with husband Paul J.M. Hunnings and the tragedy they faced as a family in the late 80s.

Daily Star has taken a look inside Mary’s children’s life.

Tragic death

Mary's son tragically passed away in a car accident
Mary’s son tragically passed away in a car accident

Mary and Paul’s son William, who was born in 1969, tragically died in a car accident while on his way home from university in 1989.

He was 19 years old at the time.

Mary was informed of her son’s passing when a policeman rang the doorbell while she was patiently waiting for him and his sister Annabel to return home for lunch.

Discussing the harrowing incident, the food star opened up about her son’s death while appearing on The Mary Berry Story in 2016.

She explained: “It was about 1pm. The doorbell rang and a policeman was there. Immediately, I knew why. He said, ‘There’s been an accident and I’m sorry to say your son is dead’.”

Mary spoke openly about her tragic ordeal on BBC programme
Mary spoke openly about her tragic ordeal on BBC programme

Mary and her husband Paul then rushed to the hospital after hearing the heartbreaking news.

She added: “The staff were so understanding. They said, ‘Would you like to see William?’ He looked so beautiful and so lovely. His cold face…It was nice to say farewell.”

Later on in the programme, Mary reflected on a memorial plaque she had seen which displayed details of a mother who lost three sons in the First World War.

The star recalled: “I looked and knew how I was feeling having lost one. I thought about how she must have felt having lost three. Then I thought how lucky we were to still have our other two children.

“We had William for 19 years and he was so much fun. We have great memories.”

Anabel Hunnings

Anabel worked with her mum Mary for over 20 years
Anabel worked with her mum Mary for over 20 years

Mary and Paul’s youngest child Annabel Hunnings has worked alongside her mother for more than 20 years.

Although she is not often seen on television, Anabel is also a lover of food and has been baking since she was the age of 5.

In the 1990s, Mary and her daughter created Mary Berry & Daughter which made salad dressings, chutneys, cake mixes and sauces.

But in 2014, the former Great British Bake Off star sold the company for £2.5million and dished out the cash windfall to her family members.

According to The Sun on Sunday, Annabel received the majority of the windfall, which equated to roughly £1.5million.

In 2012, Annabel praised her mum for teaching her how to cook. Speaking to Yours magazine she said: “Mum instilled in me a work ethic which is there to this day.

“When I was as young as five, I remember accompanying her to demonstrations and helping with little jobs like grating the cheese.”

Anabel has three children of her own.

Thomas Hunnings

Mary Berry's eldest son his a tree surgeon
Mary Berry’s eldest son his a tree surgeon

Mary and Paul’s eldest son Thomas Hunnings is a tree surgeon who lives in Oxfordshire.

Thomas is not often seen in the limelight however he has been pictured alongside his mother for special occasions.

In 2017, the tree surgeon hit headlines after his new beach hut that was built on his land was almost double the expected size.

Upset residents complained about the structure, perched on a remote cliff on Portland Bill located in Dorset.

Councillor Sue Cocking told Daily Mail at the time: “I don’t care who this bloke is, but he has thumbed his nose at the council and all of us.

“It is a monstrosity and totally not in keeping with the other huts up there.”

However, Thomas seemed unbothered by the complaints and said: “I don’t really want to add anything. Let people think and say what they want.”

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