Naked Attraction’s Anna Richardson cringes at sex blunder

Naked Attraction presenter Anna Richardson has seen plenty of rude moments during her time on the racy Channel 4 dating show.

Her show sees love-hungry singletons picking partners based on their naked bodies alone, so she’s arguably seen it all.

However, the TV star was left cringing after one contestant told her about the time her father accidentally caught her having sex with a man, after walking in on her doing the explicit deed.

The show returned to screens on Wednesday night (March 23), and it saw fun-loving Deanne from Somerset try her luck at finding love in the genital-bearing studio.

Deanne confessed she was bad at flirting and was something of a “ladette” who needed a man to turn her into a lady.

Naked Attraction host Anna Richardson was floored by her contestant’s sex story

However, Anna paused the show when Deanne told her about the time her dad walked into the room when she was making love with a lad.

Deanne said her immediate reaction to being exposed by her parent was to “play dead” on the bed, which was perhaps not the most water-tight plan.

Telling the tale, Deanne said: “I love sex. My dad walked in once,” to which Anna replied: “No! I mean I know you’re close to you’re dad but what happened?”

naked attraction
Deanne told the host her dad walked in on her during her bedroom antics – and she played dead

Deanne said: “I just literally laid there pretending I was dead,” before she burst out laughing.

Later in the show, Deanne struggled to choose between two lucky blokes after getting her own kit off, as per the show’s format.

Upon seeing Deanne naked, Lewis was clearly smitten as he said she had the ‘perfect body’.

However, after deciding to go with ‘her heart’, she chose smiling hunk Lewis, and their date went so well that the pair ended up sleeping together.

anna richardson
The Channel 4 presenter couldn’t believe it

Speaking about the show, Anna said the show has a “deeper meaning” to it as it’s about “acceptance”.

She told Closer magazine: “As much as it’s funny, and we laugh along, there’s a much deeper meaning to being naked which is about acceptance, identity and individuality.”

She added: “I must have seen thousands of naked people, who are absolutely cool with themselves and who are like ‘This is who I am,’ and that’s very liberating.

“There’s something great about being able to look at ordinary bodies, while you’re like ‘Actually my body’s not so bad, I look a bit like that’. It’s about acceptance.”

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