NSW COVID cases grow, Victoria COVID cases grow, Qld COVID cases grow, ACT COVID cases grow, Doherty modelling sparks Australian health system warning, Omicron variant case surge continues

Victoria now has more than 60 confirmed cases of the Omicron variant of COVID-19, while NSW has stopped counting.

The state’s COVID-19 commander Jeroen Weimar just announced the cases, saying they are all in isolation.

Victoria’s COVID Commander, Jeroen Weimar.

Victoria’s COVID Commander, Jeroen Weimar.Credit:Luis Enrique Ascui

The number is up from 37 cases in total on Monday, after Victoria recorded no new cases of the Omicron variant on Tuesday.

Mr Weimar said more than 350,000 Victorians have now received their booster vaccine doses, and a further one million Victorians would become eligible for the booster now if the interval between second and third doses was shortened from five months to four.

Victoria recorded a total of 1503 new COVID-19 cases today and six deaths.

NSW has confirmed 313 cases of the Omicron variant in the state to date, but NSW Health advised on Sunday that the majority of the 2,566 cases reported that day were likely to be that variant.

“With the high number of COVID-19 cases now in NSW, NSW Health will only undertake genomic sequencing for the Omicron variant in the circumstances where it will make a clinical difference to the care of a patient,” the ministry said on Sunday.

“For instance, where it will inform treatment choices as some therapies work with Delta but not for Omicron, and in situations where it will inform public health action.”

Mr Weimar said that there were “just over 60 confirmed cases of Omicron here in Victoria” and “all of those individual cases have come either out of international arrivals or their close contacts or out of the recent Newcastle cluster [in Sydney] and their immediate contacts”.

“We are obviously concerned about the cases that we’re seeing continuing to rise … in NSW, and given the high level of movement between our two states, we would expect to see Omicron cases continuing to spread here, which means it’s down to all of us to please keep on top of those basic COVID-safe measures,” he said.

“If you’re indoors, wear a mask. If you’re going to gather with people … if you can do it outside, please do it outside.

“If you’re going to be indoors, open your windows and make use of the good weather that we’re enjoying at this point in time.”

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