Nuclear warfare: No ‘survivors’ | The Seattle Times

The insane query of whether or not Washington state ought to put together for nuclear warfare has been resurrected by The Seattle Times [“Washington stopped planning for a nuclear war in 1984. Should we start now?,” April 3, Local News].

It is just not a matter of 1 Russian bomb dropped on the Bangor nuclear submarine base, as envisioned within the article state of affairs. Russia has greater than 4,000 long-range nuclear weapons, a lot to hit all army and authorities amenities in Western Washington many instances over.

And even when some individuals additional away survived, the query then is, survived for what objective? Radiation apart, the quantity of particles launched within the ambiance could be ample to trigger large injury to crops. Infrastructure to course of and ship meals could be destroyed. Radiation poisoning, psychological trauma, and sluggish hunger await anybody who “survives.”

Arguing that extra lives might be saved if individuals put together is an irresponsible and silly assertion.

Kathleen Braden, Seattle

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