Our Yorkshire Farm’s Amanda Owen prepares for backlash over ‘ugly’ Christmas dinner

Our Yorkshire Farm‘s Amanda Owen has braced herself for some harsh backlash as she posted her non-typical Boxing Day feast on Twitter.

She shared her “ugly” Boxing Day dinner online with her thousands of followers and showed off her family’s festive meal which included turkey, stuffing, gravy and twice-cooked chips.

The mum-of-nine confessed the grub was not “particularly aesthetically pleasing” and that “opinions will differ” but she backed her corner and explained that it was a family favourite over the traditional Christmas dinner.

Tweeting the picture earlier on Sunday, she said: “Boxing Day crowd pleaser.

“I appreciate that this is not particularly aesthetically pleasing and opinions will differ but turkey, stuffing and gravy with twice cooked chips is more of a favourite here than the traditional Christmas Dinner.”

Our Yorkshire Farm's Amanda Owen prepares for backlash as she posts 'ugly' food
Our Yorkshire Farm’s Amanda Owen prepares for backlash as she posts ‘ugly’ food

However, instead of criticism, she received praise with plenty of fans drooling over her sensational spread.

One fan said: “Those chips look absolutely wonderful proper homemade making my mouth water.”

And a second added: “I’d rather have this than the traditional Christmas dinner! Hope you’re all having a lovely day.”

This comes shortly after Amanda experienced a traumatic time during the festive season, when her daughter Nancy had an accident on Christmas Day.

Amanda Owen
However, Amanda was struck with kinds words over her lovely-looking dinner

The Yorkshire Shepherdess, who shares nine children with her husband Clive Owen, explained the terrifying details on Twitter after Nancy, four, “swallowed a biro”.

Amanda, 47, was quick to reassure her followers that her daughter was fine but was “just spitting ink”.

Posting a picture of her children on the social media platform, the star also listed the other calamities she faced on Christmas Day.

She wrote: “Reubs dismantling carburettor in kitchen. Sid abandoned in loft as he knocked ladder away with straw bale.

The Yorkshire Shepherdess lives on the farm with her nine children and husband
The Yorkshire Shepherdess lives on the farm with her nine children and husband

“Clem, Annas and Tony are sharing mineral lick (for Tony) in living room and Nancy’s swallowed a biro. She’s fine; just spitting ink.”

Reading that Nancy had a misfortune during Christmas, Amanda’s followers rushed to the tweet to ask if Nancy was okay.

One follower asked: “A biro? That’s scary! Did she bite it or something?! Hopefully she’s still okay bless her.”

Another tweeted: “Yikes. Lots going on there. Merry Christmas.”

While third penned: “I hope Nancy is alright. Sounds eventful but fun. My boys had to try the ponies’ salt lick too.”

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