Promotion/Relegation to be Introduced From 2022-23 Season Between ISL and I-League Clubs- Report

New Delhi: As per reports coming in, Indian football will undergo a much-needed shake-up when it comes to the league structure in the country as promotion and relegation rule will be introduced between Indian Super League and I-League clubs from the upcoming season onwards.Also Read – FIFA Rankings: India Football Team Jump Two Places to 104

‘A joint FIFA/AFC mission has concluded a three-day visit to India where it held constructive discussions with local stakeholders regarding the situation in the All India Football Federation (AIFF). The meetings concluded that the next steps should be the ratification of the AIFF Statutes in line with the FIFA/AFC principles of good governance and the holding of an Electoral Congress to choose the next AIFF leadership. This would be based on a timeline agreed by AIFF stakeholders’, AIFF said in an official statement. Also Read – Indian Football Team: Astrologer Was Hired To Motivate Team, Reports Claim

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In the very meeting it has been agreed for a proper tier-based football structure in the country which will be implemented from 2022-23 season onwards. Earlier it was promised in the Indian football road-map that the promotion/demotion rule will be implemented from 2024-25.

If the rule comes into act, it will be a huge boost for I-League clubs which is now the current second-division technically. Earlier an entry fee was required to enter the top-tier ISL but now things are all set to get back to the usual way.

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