Psychological well being: Youngsters are impacted

Re: “Suicide attempts are rising among children as young as 9” [May 31, A1]:

I’ve seen too many mother and father and guardians of young children exhibiting their nervousness and grief in entrance of their little ones. This has additionally occurred rather a lot throughout interviews with the adults after a traumatic incident.

As comprehensible because the grown ups’ emotions are, this doubles the trauma for youngsters:

“If my parents, who are looking after me, look helpless and powerless, there is no one to care for me, no one to keep me safe.”

As troublesome as it may be, we who’re mother and father, grandparents, great-grandparents want to point out calmness and confidence in entrance of our smallest ones. Otherwise, we may have much more psychological diseases and suicides amongst our younger folks.

Ruth Kverndal, Mercer Island

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