Rant and Rave: Reader ruffled by financial institution’s drive-thru closures

RANT AND RAVE Rave to me for stopping for pedestrians. Rant to those that can’t be bothered to offer a small wave or any indication of acknowledgment.

RANT to no-shows. If I am going to the difficulty of gifting away an merchandise on Freecycle or a Buy Nothing group, why do you suppose it’s OK to simply not present up after confirming you need the merchandise?

RANT to banks that eradicate their drive-thrus in favor of ATMs. It is safer and simpler for many who are older, have bodily disabilities, or who’ve youngsters within the automotive, to simply drive up and converse to a human to money a verify or make a deposit. The one at our financial institution in Woodinville had a “temporarily closed” signal on the window and the worker inside stated that whereas on that day they had been short-staffed, it had been stored open due to the pandemic however they don’t understand how lengthy the drive-thru will stay out there.

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