When lockdowns initially forced us indoors and wreaked havoc on our mental and physical wellbeing, humanity was forced to adapt.

Exercise —a universally accepted tenet of overall wellness was one of the first mediums to make a switch to being accessible from one’s home and at one’s convenience. Equipment that could easily be installed and navigated at home became immensely popular throughout the country. Having launched in 2017, one company that was well-placed for immediate success was OneFitPlus. Its Founder and CEO Mohit Kumar Mathur shares, “There are many of us who can’t exercise regularly. We know that it can make us healthier, improve our heart health, and reduce weight, but we don’t do it out of sheer laziness. Our goal was to develop engaging products. We want people to forget the ‘effort’ that goes into exercising and enjoy the exercise as if it were their favourite childhood sport to facilitate having fun and exercising together as a group. Plus, we don’t want our users’ exercise experience to be hampered by worrying about the weather.” From the moment that Mathur and his team realised that high-quality at-home fitness equipment was a pain point in the market, they worked to establish the largest service network catering to treadmills, indoor bikes, and bicycles. From there, it was an easy transition to help customers with information on healthy diets, fitness tips, and correct usage of equipment. This is why, all their customers get free nutritionist in-person consultations, have access to live video trainer consultations, and doctor consultations as per their need. But the biggest driving factor for their success has been the fact that they make fitness fun, by providing access to immersive gaming, connected fitness content, and more. Their brands include Fitkit, RPM Fitness, and Urban Terrain.

“When customers buy a machine from us, they get the equipment and the complete ecosystem with hassle-free ownership and service, diets, and fitness ecosystem. No one else provides so many features in this industry,” says Mathur with pride. Of the many services and features that the company offers, their live in-app training sessions; virtual fitness game called Fitwarz; track your ride app; leaderboard feature for motivation and challenges called FitBoard; on-demand fitness classes; doctor and dietician consultations; and reward program called HealthCoins are the most popular ones. Their products retail on their own website Onefitplus.com as well as on leading e-commerce portals like Amazon, Flipkart, Cult App, and UrbanTerrain.in. One way that they motivate people to work out at home is through Fitwarz, their proprietary multiplayer connected fitness game. This allows people to enjoy an immersive experience as if they were playing a sport.

 The game supports thousands of players simultaneously and is available on both iOS and Android. OneFitPlus is leading the way when it comes to connected fitness. Recently having joined hands with fitness giant Cult, they are only set to grow further. On this alliance, Mathur says, “With their captive fitness user base, tech know-how, and capital, we should be able to double our business within the next year. Given Cult’s unmatched ability to build fitness communities, we can also rapidly grow our portfolio to emerge as India’s premier tech-led at-home fitness brand.” Having witnessed 3x growth in FY2022, they are now looking to expand their product line-up and bolster their manufacturing capabilities throughout the country. “We aim to log 350 crores in revenue by March 2023. Now, with our recent collaboration with Cult, our avenues have broadened further. We want to utilise the cumulative power of both brands.” International players like Decathlon that sells sports equipment, and HealthifyMe — an online fitness app — and others like GOQii and Gurugram-based Flexnest, are also popular players in the at-home workout space in India. But Mathur feels their collaboration and holistic approach to fitness sets them apart in the industry. For those who are keen to embark on a serious fitness journey, perhaps the best way to do so is by beginning in the comfort of one’s own home, and at-home workout equipment is here to help.

The writer pens lifestyle articles for various publications and her blog www. nooranandchawla.com. She can be reached on nooranand@gmail.com.

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