Safety tips to keep our furry friends safe this holiday

JACKSON, Wy – (KIFI) – As we gather for the holidays there are certain
dangers for our pets if we are not careful. We got some words of advice from
Spring Creek Animal Hospital in Jackson. They say it can be fun to dress up
pets in festive holiday costumes but make sure they are comfortable with it.
Dr. Stephanie Ninnermann says have fun but be mindful of the pet. “So really
if you are going to have any holiday garb on your pet make sure it is
something they are very well accustomed to like Alfalfa here who is very
used to being harassed and having clothes on all the time. “

Pets may find it hard to leave Christmas ornaments alone so watch that but
also that water left out for the live Christmas trees. “Sometimes people
like to put things like bleach or sugar or aspirin it might be helping the
longevity of the tree especially those dogs that get into things or those
cats that are very curious if they drink that water from the tree that could
cause some serious toxicity for them too.

Live plants like Poinsettias can be harmful to pets but also other plants
you may not think of. “ Yes poinsettias can be toxic and they can cause some
problems with the GI system but in order for them to show toxicity a dog or
a cat would have to eat about 3 plants worth before we start to see that
issue. Thee other thing that I see more plant toxicity is going to be more
with other plants like the amaryllis , mistletoe the cedar the holly , some
of those other types of plants that I see around the house and commonly used
in Holiday decorations . Other things that can cause problems are the
essential oils and potpourri . Those things can cause burns, chemical burns
in the mouths of animals that chew on them when they get into them.

Be careful in the kitchen as well this Holiday Season says Dr. Ninnermann. “
The Kitchen is where a lot of the holidays are focused for some people .
Things like the rich roast beast or the turkey , mashed potatoes and gravy
may not have toxicity but they can be very rich and” The can cause
pancreatitis that can be life threatening if a dog or a cat gets into the
trash can or even up on the counter where they shouldn’t be getting into
that food. Also some of the baking that happens like sweetbreads . Yeast in
particular can be problematic for some dogs and cats. If they eat it raw it
can rise in their stomachs and we see very serious risks of bloat. So that
is another concern I have along with the chocolate and alcohol they shouldn’t
be getting into either.

Happy Holidays to all our furry friends!

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