Try on a more personalised shopping experience with Woolworths Beauty

This season Woolworths gifts you the beauty of freedom, convenience and time.

The way we shop has changed drastically over the past two years and virtual shopping has brought a more personalised experience to our screens.

When thinking about the mad Christmas rush that awaits, nothing sounds like a better alternative than the world-class Woolworths digital shopping experience. Whether you’re home watching series or in the car waiting for the kids, the Woolworths virtual beauty experience is available at your fingertips online or on the app, allowing you to try on and purchase all your favourites in the comfort of your schedule.

Whether you’re looking to explore the hottest new summer trends or revamp your skincare regime, it’s never been easier or more fun to do. With Woolworths online and the Woolworths app, you can virtually explore and try on hundreds of beauty products. You can also chat with a consultant about your skincare needs before choosing the products to be delivered to your door.

With the new complementary Virtual Try On (VTO) and Virtual Consultation offerings, you can play around with new lipsticks, eyeshadows and mascaras using a hyper-realistic digital app made with every skin tone in mind. This allows you to find the look you love before adding it to your cart.

For a deep dive into skincare, Woolworths partnered with Estée Lauder and Clarins on the newly launched Beauty Consultations, a feature that allows you to chat one-on-one with an expert consultant about all things skincare. All you need to do is visit www.woolworths.co.za, select ‘Virtual Services’ from the ‘Beauty’ drop-down menu. Once you’ve uploaded a photo of yourself, you can browse a whole world of makeup. To have a one-on-one virtual chat, book an appointment with a beauty and skincare expert from the menu. You can also access all these offerings from the Woolworths app.

With just a click of a button, you’ll get the complete Woolworths Beauty experience, anywhere, at any time. Visit www.woolworths.co.za or download the app and try it for yourself.

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