Two-headed turtle named ‘Twix’ dies 2 years after being rescued from Suffolk – Day by day Press

A two-headed turtle died April 14 on the Virginia Living Museum two years after he was rescued from Suffolk.

“Twix,” a juvenile red-eared slider turtle, died of pure causes, the Newport News museum introduced Wednesday. He got here to the museum in March 2020 as a hatchling.

Twix was born with two heads, a situation generally known as bicephaly.

“While this condition is relatively common for reptiles, it is extremely rare for them to survive, even under human care,” a spokesperson for the museum shared on Twitter.

According to the Virginia Living Museum, Twix would have survived for less than a matter of weeks within the wild.

“Under the excellent care of the Herpetology Team, Twix lived two years,” the publish learn. “The Herpetology Team worked closely with this unique turtle, tailoring Twix’s daily care to meet the unique challenges of providing for a turtle with two brains.”

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