Ukrainian-Russian Conflict close to home

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho (KIFI)- Ukrainians in the Southeast Idaho Region rallied on the Memorial Drive bridge in Downtown Idaho Falls on Sunday. They came to voice their concerns and worries about the violence in their homeland. Chants of “No War!” and “Stop Putin!” filled the air.

Some of the signs pleaded to “Save Ukraine” and written in their native language. Sergei joined in to let people know about the atrocities happening in his beloved county. “Its a very hard time,” he tells us, “For everybody now over there. And our hearts are broken for what has happened over there.”

He also says that he feels grateful for those kind souls who have shared their solidarity with his country. He says “It’s of course, difficult to help. But many many neighbors come to us saying we have solidarity with Ukraine. they are praying for us.” He tells me there are many ways you can help, but do what you feel is appropriate.

Other protesters pleaded with lawmakers to do what they can to help “close the skies” over Ukraine and stop the bombardment of missiles into their families homes.

Melania hometown of Kyiv is now under siege. The 20-year old says her friend from home inspired her to hold the rally thanks to a chilling text. She tells us “My friends were able to get out. Some did some didn’t. The last time I spoke to one of my friends was at least 5 hours ago. And she said I don’t know when I will text you next, but if anything happens I love you. ”

She pleads with everyone saying their message is simple: “Please stop this war. Nobody has to die. please.”

All of the protesters told me the hardest part for them is being so far from home and not knowing when, or if, they will hear from their families and friends who are still in Ukraine.

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