US wins appeal in UK over extradition of Wikileaks founder

His lawyers have argued that his behaviour was that of a journalist, a description that has already been rejected by the British courts.

But Assange has also argued, through his lawyers, that he would be at risk of taking his own life if he was moved to a US supermax prison. Earlier this year, a judge accepted this as a valid reason for barring his extradition to the US.

The US government appealed, leading to Friday’s decision handed down in the High Court. Lawyers for the US had provided the court with new assurances that Assange would not be held in solitary confinement and could serve out any sentence in Australia.

“Assurances of this kind are solemn undertakings offered by one government to another,” Holroyde said.

“The US has now provided the United Kingdom with a package of assurances which respond to the District Judge’s specific findings.”

He said the court was satisfied that Assange would not be held in a supermax prison and that he would be given psychiatric care.

“The case must be remitted to the Westminister Magistrate’s Court with a directive that the District Judge send the case to the Secretary of State, who will decide whether Mr Assange should be extradited to the USA,” he said.

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