West Seattle Blog… | ENCAMPMENTS: City crews at 26th/Juneau; gunfire at 26th/28th/Brandon; West Marginal Place plan

Updates on three encampments in eastern West Seattle:

26TH/JUNEAU: As reported here, the 26th/Juneau encampment – site of a deadly shooting in June – was posted Friday with notices it would be swept as soon as today.

The photo shows various city vehicles we saw there around midmorning; they were in the greenbelt, with entry taped off, so what they were doing wasn’t in view. We went back after 1 pm and all were gone. We’ll be following up tomorrow to see if that was the extent of what’s planned.

Meantime, the city confirms that other area encampments are on their radar.

26TH/28TH/BRANDON: Inquiries we made about this site last week were bounced between Parks, SDOT, and the mayor’s office. From that last stop, here’s what mayoral spokesperson Jamie Housen told WSB about the camping in the area of 26th/28th/Brandon:

The City is also aware of these sites and has conducted periodic inspections. … The general area of the south side of Greg Davis Park has a handful of sites that have been logged in our database over the course of several months. The Unified Care Team will continue to do trash mitigation in this area and keep an eye on the site.

We’ve also been CC’d on one neighbor’s ongoing correspondence with the city regarding that area, much of which has been handled through SDOT parking enforcement. Today, the neighbor noted that there’d been gunfire in the area just before midnight last night, and said police found two shell casings. The gunfire report is verified in the SPD weekend summaries, saying the evidence was found in the roadway on Brandon between 26th and 29th, but officers didn’t find anyone who saw what happened.

Then tonight, we received a note from another area resident who believes an encampment’s encroachment onto the road contributed to a hit-run she witnessed:

At about 5:45 tonight while traveling east at 30th and Brandon I noticed a young boy walking west on Brandon on the opposite side of the road. I then noticed a vehicle traveling west and watched in horror as it hit the little boy. He was thrown up onto the hood of the car and in spite of me honking. screaming and waving at the driver she glanced at me and kept right on going. The little boy got up from the ground and went running eastbound on Brandon but I was unable to determine what happened to him when he got to 26th. I think he was running because he was in shock.

Folks when traveling on Brandon please take care, especially near the newest homeless encampment which is where this happened. Drivers treat this stretch of roadway like it is a main arterial with plenty of room to pass in each direction past pedestrians. It is not and the encampment encroaches on the road way as well.

I hope that little boy is ok. I’ll be thinking about him and his poor parents tonight.

There were no medical calls to that area but there was one in that timeframe to the Louisa Boren STEM K-8 parking lot about a child hit by a vehicle. The call closed very quickly; SFD says a 10-year-old boy was evaluated and “did not require transport” but does not have information on whether the collision happened in the lot or might have been the one on Brandon.

WEST MARGINAL PLACE: This encampment is on a cul-de-sac that abuts the bicycle/foot path west of the low bridge. The reply to our inquiry about its status: “Yes, the City is aware of this site, and while we do not provide remediation dates in advance as the calendar changes frequently (…) it is scheduled for remediation in the next several weeks.” One neighbor says he was told that could happen as soon as this week; no-parking signs are up for tomorrow through August 30th, citing “work crew” as the reason, but no sweep-alert notices are in view in the area, as would usually precede a sweep.

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