West Seattle Blog… | UPDATE Seattle Fire rescue response for car in ravine

10:58 AM: Seattle Fire has a “rescue extrication” response headed to the 2100 block of Arch SW (map) for a report of a car into a ravine. This will affect traffic in the Fairmount Ravine area – access to the incident area is “tight,” as firefighters are pointing out to dispatch. Updates to come.

11:01 AM: Firefighters confirmed to dispatch “We have a car in the ravine.” Now they’re trying to determine the status of occupant(s). … Update: “One patient, appears to be fine.”

11:09 AM: They’re still working to get that person out of the car.

11:20 AM: The person is out and described in “stable condition.”

11:42 AM: SFD is wrapping up its response, so most emergency vehicles should be cleared out of the area soon.

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