What Technological Developments Could Innovate the Online Casino Industry in the Coming Years?

The online industry is continually regenerating itself despite criticism from sceptics. Few sectors use the latest technology to improve their services and experience as online gambling does. After tremendous upheaval in the industry in the last ten years, it is a natural progression for online casinos and gambling sites to prepare for the future. We can now play slots in outer space aboard a SpaceX circumventing the earth. Nevertheless, we do still need a gaming device to play casino games. Let’s look at some of the most recent technological advances and achievements related to this domain for 2020 and beyond.

Enhanced Mobile Technology

Mobile devices like tabs and phones have revolutionised the online gambling industry and have become more capable than ever, delivering a much improved mobile casino experience. In addition, cloud technology for gaming has allowed online casinos to offer a flawless gaming experience. Loading times have drastically improved with instant responses to commands and actions. Moreover, you can play instantly without downloading a native app to your device. That makes the entire process convenient and smoother for players to access the games.

Live Dealer Games Improved with VR and AR

Although live dealer technology has been established for a while now, the development and advances in new VR and AR technology will facilitate interaction between dealers and players via a mobile device or desktop. For example, rather than utilising a graphical interface to place bets, you can recreate the atmosphere of a land-based casino perfectly by strapping on a VR headset. Alternatively, you can bet via AR apps developed especially by online casinos. That allows you to bring the exciting live dealer experience to your living room for an interactive and atmospheric gambling session from home comfort.

Latest Casino Games on Your Wrist

The advent of smartwatches and wearable gadgets has become more prevalent. The next natural progression would be to adapt online casinos for such devices. You will not even need to take your smartphone out of your pocket to play casino games and you will be able to enjoy your favourite games on your wristwatch. Microgaming pioneered the first casino software to introduce a smartwatch to play online casino games in 2017. As smartwatches become more powerful, more manufacturers will start offering the possibility to enjoy your favourite slot games on your smartwatch.

List of New Online Casinos

Where do you begin with so many South African online casino sites available? As more casinos appear on the scene, it is becoming harder to find top-rated South African ones. When transferring or receiving online payments, you can consider a few points, such as security and safety concerns. Is the level of customer service adequate, and is the team willing to deal with all your queries? Why not browse the list of new online casinos in South Africa? You will claim a free bonus for signing up! The games are vital in drawing a player to the online casino site. However, what is under the bonnet is much harder to see. The software and the quality of the game graphics should be considered while playing on mobile devices. The loading speed and efficiency of the casino platform are all as crucial as the games and stylish appearance of the casino website.


Crypto-casinos have surged in popularity of late, and blockchain technology is shaping the future of online casinos and improving the overall experience. Online casinos are already developing their platforms using crypto-related and

blockchain technology. As a result, you can transact instantly without sharing any details or information with the venue; moreover, you can enjoy your favourite casino games across multiple platforms immediately.

Artificial Intelligence

Netflix and Google are already using AI and machine learning on their respective platforms. That enables them to deliver a far more personalised online experience. By following the same logic, that technology is available to enhance your casino experience. The optimum use of AI with online casinos is in customer support. A unique AI virtual chat assistant will recall all your past interactions and develop solutions far quicker than you would expect.

AI-powered chats tend to free up more human customer support team agents to deal with more complicated issues, streamlining and optimising the whole process. These changes are just scratching the surface and represent the most evident improvements the technology offers for the future of the online gaming industry. Many other outstanding enhancements and improvements are visible on the horizon, and you will witness rapid advancements in the online casino industry worldwide.

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